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New Christian Artist Against Deception Does Multifaceted Genres of Pop, EDM, Trap, and Trance Music

Against Deception
May 3, 2021

ORLANDO, May 3, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Against Deception, recently released a brand new album: Limitless Love. Against Deception, in addition to writing and singing, has pushed her to do album after album. Since she has decided to follow Christ, She continues to become like Him. She wants the young generation to see the truth and love. Through her music, Against Deception aims to lead people into worship. As a result, her style has no boundaries and explores an incredibly diverse range; talented singer and musician Tammy Kempf is known as Against Deception, is set to soar to new heights as she crafts exceptional blends of Pop, EDM, and Trance while sticking to her Christian foundations. A strong set of values that she wants to express with her music imbued with her unique vision and dedication to the Christian faith and God's hard-hitting truths, plunges listeners into a magical new dimension. With the release of Limitless Love, Against Deception is now steering towards recording an upcoming Hyper-Pop and a separate Psy Trance Album which will cement her position as a unique and talented musician. Her lyrics are shocking, bold, and full of truth. She takes Christian Music to another level that no other Christian Artist has gone.

People that are searching for the path of the truth will find her music eye-opening, Against Deception writes whatever GOD places on her heart her to write, GOD inspires all her lyrics.

Against Deception's Fans say Amazing! Original! Electrifying! Beautiful! The messages in the lyrics were so very relevant to our times. And you phrased them so poetically. And you looked like a philosopher/prophet. Out of this world, the visuals were fabulous.

"I am working on Psy Trance and a HyperPop mix which is something I don't notice any Christian artists doing my music is very bold and truthful,"says Against Deception regarding the release of her new album.

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SOURCE Against Deception

CONTACT: Tammy Kempf, 877-404-7549,