Standard Newswire is a cost-effective and efficient newswire service for public policy groups, government agencies, PR firms, think-tanks, watchdog groups, advocacy groups, coalitions, foundations, colleges, universities, activists, politicians, and candidates to distribute their press releases to journalists who truly want to hear from them.

Do not settle for an email blasting service or a newswire overloaded with financial statements. Standard Newswire gets your news into the hands of working journalists, broadcast hosts, and news producers.

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Standard Newswire is the most effective and cost efficient distributor of newsworthy news releases in the nation.

Standard Newswire's purpose is for public policy groups, government agencies, PR firms, think-tanks, watchdog groups, advocacy groups, coalitions, foundations, colleges, universities, activists, politicians, and candidates to distribute their news releases to journalists who want to see what they have to say.  Your release will also be available on Lexis-Nexis and the most popular news search engines (click on a search logo).


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How much does it cost?

$350 is what we charge to transmit your 400-words-or-less news release to our best 4 lists (see National Media list below).  Or pick any list or combination of lists.  Just click on the lists below and see where your release will be sent.

You do not need to use a credit card.  We will send you a bill.  It is that easy.  Just email us your news release, or use the form on this website and tell us to send it out.  No membership fee. You are not required to purchase any additional services.

When you use our service to transmit your news release, it will go to major media outlets nationwide, including all of the top daily newspapers; wire service bureaus; broadcast network bureaus; network affiliates, news-talk radio stations and weekly news magazines.  Every news release we transmit is also made available to millions of online users worldwide.

For 33 years we have gathered contacts that other wire services do not have.  The contacts we have are not available through any directory and we have never sold or rented our lists. Reporters and news producers trust us with their private emails, faxes, and phone numbers.  Our lists are maintained daily. 

When you transmit a news release through us you are directly reaching those reporters and news producers who want to see what you have to say

In addition to delivering your news to the media, your news release will be placed on the world's most popular online service.