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How to Find a Non-WOKE Church When Your Church Goes WOKE?
Every Black Life Matters
Aug. 31, 2023

DALAS, Aug. 31, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- New Website Announcement: Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) endorses because it reduces the proliferation of wokeism and false gospels.

"Wokeism" and Marxism are antithetical to the Gospel.

The intersection of faith and culture is a subject of intense debate. As a result of the corrosive pressures of "wokeism," we've seen pastors make woke declarations about Jesus and the Gospel as they dramatically pivot toward cultural "syncretism." They are compromising the purity of the Gospel to "harmonize" with the ever-changing whims of a demonic worldly culture. Syncretism is a dangerous trend that corrupts the Gospel, and with this happening in churches, it's no wonder why many are now questioning their faith to the point of "deconstructing" their faith.

Wokeism, syncretism, and (ultimately) deconstruction are "fruits" borne out of Marxism. Since Marx was virulently anti-God, it's easy to understand how any theology rooted in Marxism has profound negative impacts on Truth. But how can you prevent yourself and your family from being part of a Church that is "woke" (or espousing any antithetical prose)? When it comes to issues of Faith, an intense focus on the unadulterated Gospel message is key! (Remember, Gal 1:8 and 1:9 are definitive in this). Staying in a woke church just feeds the beast.

With the foundations of our Faith and the Gospel at stake, a new website has been launched to help you navigate woke clergy trends. It enables you to find a Biblical Church without subjecting your family to wretched woke pablum preached over pulpits as you visit multiple churches.

My Church Finder ( will help you find a Church that genuinely fills the Biblical and Spiritual needs of your family and community. It identifies Pastors and Churches aligned with the simple, pure, and unadulterated Gospel of Jesus, who activity teach about the dangers of WOKEISM and who are working to change our nations laws to line up with God's Moral laws.

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) endorses because it reduces the proliferation of wokeism and false gospels. Clergy positing Marxist ideologies to accommodate the current demonic culture will lose members while, those staying faithful to the Gospel will prosper!

EBLM recommends that if you are currently seeking a good Church family or potentially looking to navigate to a different Church, use My Church Finder (

SOURCE Every Black Life Matters

CONTACT: Neil Mammen, 408-460-3283,