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Life Comes with a Manual of Personal Choice

Refining Ministry
July 14, 2021

CANYON, Texas, July 14, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Genna Stotts, author of Crown the Sword:

    Newsflash! Life comes with a guide of your choosing.

    In a recent conversation with an unnamed pastor, he referenced Ephesians 6 by stating "we're biblically exhorted to 'crown Christ' and therefore, we should do likewise to His Word as a life manual." I responded by noting whether a person identifies as a Christian or not, a crowning act is our innate nature.

    It is my philosophy that every individual owns a single crown. Defined, the crown is a personal daily selection to adorn what will rule the day-money, status, family, materialistic gains, little "gods," or an all-knowing Father. It simply boils down to marking the highest treasured possession in a person's life as the governing influence and say-so.

    Allow me to expand through transparency. I have lived much of my life "crowning" myself as the leading power. Why a self-reliant stance? I have a long list of proof others will let you down, even family. Day after day, I "crowned" personal strength. My motto was, "Love what YOU do and do what YOU love!"

    Like all humans, I exhibited a deep hunger to be loved, needed, and valued. The world proved incapable of measuring up, therefore, I crowned myself as Little Red Hen and did life under my ability. My life manual was composed through simple acts of moving the crown from item to item. Each time "something" was given the weight to control my actions, thoughts, words, passions, and goals. guidebook led me to the flat of my back desiring to die!

    Life took a turn when I fully accepted a fresh encounter with the Lord and embraced the gift of renewal through Scripture. I retrieved my crown and place it on His Sword-a humble surrender to God's reign and refinement. His Word opened the door to a reliable life manual, satisfying my heart and establishing a spiritual maturity ministry for others entitled Refining.

    The invitation I accepted is the same the Lord extends to you-come and experience the miraculous possibilities of a life submitted to His authority. Red flags, flashing lights, sirens, caution tape-whatever catches your inward attention: Choosing the wrong life manual can be fatal.

    God provides a satisfying and everlasting life guide. I am living proof!

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The article is based on the writing of the book, Crown the Sword:

SOURCE Refining Ministry

CONTACT: Genna Stotts, 806-367-1645,