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May is Stroke Awareness Month -- Get a Clue -- Get Educated -- Save Your Life

Kate Adamson, survivor of a double-brainstem stroke and author of 'Paralyzed But Not Powerless: Kate's Journey Revisited'


Contact: Wanda L. Sanchez, 209-534-0335


MEDIA ADVISORY, April 30 /Standard Newswire/ -- "The truth is, about 700,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent stroke. That means, on average, a stroke occurs every 45 seconds.  Stroke kills more than 150,000 people a year. That's about 1 of every 16 deaths. It's the number 3 cause of death behind diseases of the heart and cancer. On average, every 3 to 4 minutes someone dies of stroke. Of every 5 deaths from stroke, 2 occur in men and 3 in women. NOW is the time to get educated on stroke because what you don't know can kill you!"


Adamson, a woman with movie star looks and the determination of a bull dog, knows the devastation resulting from a stroke, and now spends her time advocating on behalf of stroke victims & the disabled. "Stroke is a medical emergency. The longer you wait the more disabling your stroke can be. Knowing the warning signs is key!" 


Ms. Adamson has recounted her catastrophic stroke and subsequent, ongoing recovery, with the unwavering support of her husband Steven, in her newly released book, Paralyzed But Powerless: Kate's Journey Revisited, which is an updated, more detailed version of her first book, Kate's Journey: Triumph Over Adversity"


 "If you or someone you love has experienced any of the symptoms, get to a doctor! Women in particular need to be assertive and ask questions at the doctor's office about the risk of heart disease and stroke," concludes Adamson.


May 2007 is NATIONAL STROKE AWARENESS MONTH. Consider KATE ADAMSON as a guest on your television or radio show. Your audience will be both educated & captivated by this inspiring, hope-filled story.


To schedule KATE ADAMSON for an interview, contact Wanda at 209.534.0335 or via email at