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Dr. George Barna Unveils Groundbreaking Insights into Spiritual Development of America's Children in New Book, Set to Release on September 5

Jones Literary
Aug. 22, 2023

GLENDALE, Az., Aug. 22, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- A long-awaited new title from renowned researcher and bestselling author Dr. George Barna is set to release on September 5.

The product of seven different research studies conducted by Dr. Barna since 2022, Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child's Heart, Mind and Soul (Arizona Christian University Press in partnership with Fedd Books) is a dynamic, Bible-based, research-supported guide for the parents of tomorrow's Christian church. And in it, Barna — the author of 60 books and long considered the country's leading faith and culture researcher — looks to fill what he deems a significant void in the marketplace by providing not just meticulously researched insight into the current state of the spiritual development of American's children, but critical and practical steps towards a solution.

"There is no lack of information related to the spiritual development of children and the role that parents and communities of faith play in that spiritual development process," Dr. Barna says. "However, it also became undeniably clear during my research that there is little objective information about conditions and practices related to the faith, discipleship and worldview of children. Most available content centers on opinions, emotions, individual experiences, creative ideas, anecdotes, hopes, and desires of well-intentioned authority figures, things like that. While that information is not without value, much of it may be best taken with caution. This book aims to fill that gap."

In the 20-plus years since the release of what became one of his bestselling books, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions (Baker Books, 2003), seismic changes have taken place across the American cultural and faith landscapes. If and how we minister to children, and the context in which such ministry occurs, is worlds from where it was in 2003. Among the most significant shifts? A virtually complete turnover in the parenting corps; dramatically altered attitudes about Christianity, the Bible, local churches, and children's ministries; new perspectives on parenting; changes in lifestyle fostered by the pandemic, advances in technology, media, and sociopolitical transitions; and continued, dramatic changes in the worldview of Americans.

Dr. Barna has felt a particular sense of urgency in the midst of it all.

"I want to wake people up—especially the parents of young children as well as individuals who have significant cultural influence—to understand that time is of the essence in transforming how we raise our children."

As for what's inside, the book is divided into three sections. The first contains three chapters, detailing the importance of children and the opportunity to disciple them, how well existing ministry to children is faring and research insights regarding our efforts. One recent report from the Cultural Research Center's American Worldview Inventory revealed that only 12% of American youth pastors possess a biblical worldview.

The second section unpacks what it takes to make a disciple, digging into four specific practices that characterize genuine disciples of Jesus. It also shares what Dr. Barna's research shows to be the "Seven Cornerstones of the Biblical Worldview."

The third and final section focuses on how media and church-based ministries are impacting the lives of children, including a discussion of how parents and other influencers can interact with media and churches most effectively in the campaign to disciple children.

A collaborative effort between the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and the Family Research Council, the book will be published by Arizona Christian University Press in partnership with Fedd Books, an Austin-based literary agency headed by longtime literary agent Esther Fedorkevich.

Dr. George Barna is the Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and serves as the Senior Research Fellow at Family Research Council's Center for Biblical Worldview.

Raising Spiritual Champions is available at major book retailers and online. For media inquiries, contact Jason Jones at Jones Literary,

SOURCE Jones Literary

CONTACT: Jason Jones,