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New Book Reveals the Miraculous in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Contact: Alex, 203-770-3723
SANDY HOOK, Conn., Aug. 7, 2017 /Standard Newswire/ -- Childbirth and a Christian Worldview produces an interesting conundrum. Eve ate the forbidden fruit, resulting in pain during birth, but Jesus paid for all sins, even Eve's.
In Re:Birth, Alexandra Kulick explores the themes of pregnancy and childbirth in Scripture through the finished work of the Cross. At Cavalry, Jesus bore the sins of the world for freedom, healing, and adoption into God's family. This redemption radically changes lives, but why not births too? Through the most beautiful tale of God's love and redemption presented to us through the life of Jesus, readers will uncover God's heart, love, and redemption of pregnancy and birth. From miraculous conceptions, to birth without pain, and even birth with few contractions, God has performed the miraculous in Scripture and in the real life testimonies of women all over the world.
Alexandra has experienced the miraculous first hand, multiple times. Her first child did not have a heartbeat for three weeks. He is five now. After her second birth, she became incredibly sick and was warned to not have any more children, but she knew that was not God's report. Alexandra had a third baby, without pain and with only fourteen contractions. Her stories are merely the tip of the iceberg as readers will encounter amazing testimonies from women from Nigeria to South Africa who have experienced the miraculous.
"There is no special formula for a miraculous birth," Alexandra stated. "But simply building faith in healing and redemption can help women overcome the simplest things like morning sickness, to conquering fear and birthing supernaturally without pain. God created everything in His image, even birth, and it was all created to be 'good,' sin got an awful hold on labor and delivery, but Jesus's suffering was more than enough to pay the price to redeem birth."
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