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'Hate Crimes' Press Conference and Rally to be Held at U.S. Capitol

Contact: Michael Marcavage, Repent America 1-800-3 Repent, ext. 5; Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Elijah Ministries 254-715-3134; Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, BOND 323-556-2623 or 323-782-1980

WASHINGTON, July 9 /Standard Newswire/ -- On Wednesday, July 11th, 2007, Repent America, along with members of the Philadelphia 11, Elijah Ministries, BOND, Minutemen United, Pass the Salt Ministries, America Asleep Know More, Restoring America, and Life and Liberty Ministries will conduct a press conference regarding Senate Bill S 1105 (the "Hate Crimes" legislation) at 10:00 AM. The press conference will be held at our nation's Capitol building, E Capitol St NE & 1st St NE Washington, DC 20001.

This press conference will address the disturbing trend that seeks to criminalize Christianity in America. As it stands, the freedom of speech and religion of Bible-believing Christians are in jeopardy today. Left unchallenged, this dangerous development will erode America's experiment in liberty and lead to increased hostility towards followers of Christ.

"American values are under attack by al-Qaeda and radical Islamists. Instead of combating this issue, it seems some within our government are more interested in criminalizing American citizens. The so-called 'Hate Crimes' bill is an attempt to take away the rights of Christians to speak out and express their freedom of speech. This is unjust and Americans deserve better than this from their elected officials." --Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND.

The Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Founder and Director of Elijah Ministries states, "It was Thomas Jefferson who penned these important words, 'The legislative powers of government reach to actions only, not to opinions.' Civil government is due our prayers, taxes, tribute, and submission to lawful authority. They are not due, however, our faith, consciences, or thoughts. No government official has the authority to determine our beliefs, regulate our faith, or punish our thoughts. This is where every liberty-loving Christian should stand, America should do no less!!!"

"Those who hate God are working to criminalize those who love Him, and they are making great strides to see that it happens. We must not remain silent as our liberty to freely speak the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being threatened by those who are framing mischief by a law," states Repent America, director Michael Marcavage.

We invite all concerned citizens to attend the press conference and subsequent public rally at Capitol Hill.

For more information and interviews contact:

Michael Marcavage, Repent America 1-800-3 Repent, ext. 5

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Elijah Ministries (254) 715-3134

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, BOND (323) 556-2623 or (323) 782-1980