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SCDHEC: Greenville Abortion Clinic Violated South Carolina Law, Fined $19,000

Contact: Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal,

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 2, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ -- An administrative order was issued by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) against Greenville Women's Center (GWC) to resolve the violations of a South Carolina infectious waste law.

Recently, informants uncovered ongoing illegal transactions of dead baby body parts between a Greenville, SC abortion clinic and Stericycle, America's largest biological waste hauler. On three separate occasions, video was captured showing a representative of Greenville Women's Clinic illegally transporting dead babies in a passenger car and transferring the aborted baby body parts to a Stericycle waste truck at a local gas station.

Five different transactions are referenced in a March 6, 2018 Notice of Alleged Violations from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) to Greenville Women's Center and Stericycle.

According to the letters from the SDHEC's Bureau of Land and Waste Management Division of Compliance and Enforcement these illegal actions violate South Carolina's Infectious Waste Management Regulation 61-105.

The SCDHEC concluded that Greenville Women's Center (GWC) violated nine regulations. They include:

  • GWC was not a registered infectious waste transporter.
  • GWC failed to comply with infectious waste transporter requirements.
  • GWC transferred waste at a non-designated transfer facility (QT gas station).
  • GWC has no infectious waste management plan.
  • GWC failed to register and waste transporter.

SCDHEC ORDERED that GWC must comply with the South Carolina Infectious Waste Management Act and pay a civil penalty of $19,000 within 30 days to the SDHEC.

The SCDHEC also concluded that Stericycle violated five regulations. They include:

  • Illegally transferred and stored infectious waste (aborted babies).
  • Illegally transferred infectious waste from one vehicle to another at a non-designated transfer facility.
  • Illegally accepted infectious waste without a proper manifest.

SCDHEC ORDERED that Stericycle must pay a civil penalty of $9500 within 30 days to the SDHEC.

Read the SCDEHC Consent Order.

"Abortionists and their medical waste enablers are the dregs of society and medicine and, therefore, are forced to conduct their nefarious activities in secret. Because abortionists kill babies, they also break other laws. We thank the SCDHEC for bringing a measure of justice to Greenville Women's Clinic and Stericycle." -- Mark Harrington, President, Created Equal