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National Pro-Life Action Center Statement on Midterm Elections: Now More Than Ever Before

Contact: Day Gardner, National Pro-Life Action Center, 202-834-0844,


WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 /Standard Newswire/ -- Dr. Paul Schenck, Director of the National Pro-Life Action Center on Capitol Hill issued the following statement regarding optimism in light of pro-life setbacks.


Now More Than Ever Before


“Although the pro-life movement experienced some set-backs this week, we recognize that our work in the effort to protect innocent life is needed more than ever before. We remain optimistic because it is natural to be pro-life. Regardless of strategy and political posturing, the natural position of every human being is to be pro-life and to protect life. We need to find the pathway to help people on that journey back to pro-life. We have nature, truth, and the natural human instinct going for us. Just as most Americans experienced great discomfort with segregation, it is obvious that people are disturbed and discomforted with abortion. We want to encourage that natural pro-life inclination in every person. Our Catholic Evangelical alliance is eager to work with the incoming Congress, and especially Democrats, in constructing a pro-life agenda. We want to support Democratic initiatives that support human life.” -- Dr. Paul Schenck, Director of the National Pro-Life Action Center


Regarding yesterday's Supreme Court review of two partial birth abortion cases, Kimberly Zenarolla, Executive Director of NPLAC, had this to say:


“We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will uphold the legitimacy of state bans on the gruesome and deliberate killing in partial birth abortion, a form of infanticide on a child who has the capacity to live outside of her mother’s womb. To deny the weak and vulnerable an equal share in humanity and dignity is to promote a grave injustice that not only sets the strong over the weak but depraves the dignity of us all. We must fight for all human beings, especially the weakest among us, the child in the womb, to always be treated as persons with respect, care and love.” -- Kimberly Zenarolla, Executive Director of NPLAC


What’s at stake is increasing and this points to the need for people who support life to unite …there is no time for complacency when the future of our civilization is at stake.


One such positive effort to unite pro-life voices is at