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U.S. Federal Women Prisoners Sue to Remove Transgender Women Out of the Prison

Keep Prisons Single Sex
July 21, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., July 21, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Two women in a United States federal prison are suing to have biological male prisoners removed from the women's federal prisons.  The women prisoners, Rhonda Fleming and Katoria Greene, are alleging various constitutional rights are being violated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Both women, who identify as Christian, black conservatives, are alleging that their bodily privacy rights are being violated because they must shower and use other intimate facilities with biological males, many of whom are openly bisexual.  The women state their right to free exercise of religion is being violated because they cannot practice a tenet or principle of their faith, modesty, with male prisoners living with them, 24 hours a day, within 2 or 3 feet, when women are changing their clothing or showering.  Many of the women fear for their safety.

"The rights of male prisoners to identify as being 'women' are more important to the federal government than women's rights and the free exercise of religion," stated Ms. Fleming, who has been challenging this policy for six years.

Last week, at a California spa, a biological male, trans-woman, exposed his genitals in the presence of young girls at the spa with their mothers.  Violent protests were reported on July 4, 2021.

Ms. Fleming and Ms. Greene are being supported by, a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Northern District of Florida, Tallahassee Division, and is titled, Fleming, et al., v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, No. 4:21-cv-00260-MW-MJF.

To support Rhonda, Katoria, and other women federal prisoners, and gain a better understanding of the seriousness of this issue, please email:

SOURCE Keep Prisons Single Sex


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