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A California PTA Chapter Contracts with Planned Parenthood to Teach Kids Sex Ed in Elementary School

Capitol Resource Institute
May 21, 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 21, 2020 /Standard Newswire/ -- Capitol Resource Institute has discovered that a Sacramento-area Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has contracted with Planned Parenthood to teach sexual education to elementary school students.

The local PTA chapter hides their payments to Planned Parenthood by listing the classes-- called "puberty talks" -- under "assemblies" in their annual budget. These assemblies have taken place during the last two school years and are planned for the 2020-21 school year as well.

During the "puberty talks," a Planned Parenthood representative addresses fifth grade boys and girls together and provides details about erections and ejaculation. The presentation also shows the children a Power Point slide which depicts the "Genderbread Person."

Capitol Resource Institute's Executive Director, Karen England, says, "Parents should be outraged their local PTA would be so deceptive. Partnering with Planned Parenthood is a total betrayal and parents should demand their dues be returned."

It's not just PTAs, though. Capitol Resource Institute has discovered that many schools themselves, also, are contracting with Planned Parenthood, allowing the abortion giant to:

  • Collect demographic information on educational session attendees, such as approximated race/ethnicity, gender, and age.
  • Retain the ability to administer assessments relating to students' health behaviors and risks, including tests, questionnaires, and surveys in accordance with the California Healthy Youth Act.

Capitol Resource Institute recommends California parents request copies of schools' contracts with Planned Parenthood. CRI also recommends parents take all necessary measures to ensure their child's data is not being shared with Planned Parenthood, a company whose interest in children's data is mercenary. Since schools won't protect children from Planned Parenthood, parents must take action. Parents should submit opt-out forms, and make sure to submit all the necessary paperwork to safeguard their children from the abortion business, who sees schools full of children as potential future customers.

Capitol Resource Institute is a non-profit policy, research, and education organization. We advocate for religious freedom, life, the family, and parental rights representing a statewide network of thousands of individuals, families, and faith leaders.

SOURCE Capitol Resource Institute

CONTACT: Karen England, 916-212-5607,

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