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'You Matter. You Have Always Been 'Good Enough' and YOU are Essential to Our Global Community.' -- Dr. Elizabeth Fulgaro, Author, Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me
"Attacking ourselves with our own thoughts, particularly women, is at epidemic levels. Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me shares how God showed me the negative self-talk I believed was truth, actually consisted of lies. My desire is that you discover your own story alongside mine so God can free you from the crippling weight of lies about you. YOU MATTER. You have always been 'good enough' and God longs for you to know that." -- Dr. Elizabeth Fulgaro, Author, Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me

WLS Communications
March 14, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- Are you afraid you'll never measure up? Are you disgusted by aspects of yourself and wish you were different? Are you sure you're a disappointment or just never enough?

According to a recent Cleveland Clinic article negative self-talk can intensify anxiety and depression, cause individuals to pull back and isolate from important personal support systems, and even be a risk factor for suicide.*

Dr. Elizabeth Fulgaro, author of the newly released, Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me (Holy Spirit Press) says: "That's where I was in my thought life, too. At the time, the thoughts against myself were my reality, but I didn't know they were an outcome of how I had been treated and not the truth about me at all."

"My book awakens people to consider their thoughts and whether these are harming or helping them. With a greater awareness of what we are saying to ourselves, what the lies are and their source, we can courageously pursue God's path for our own inner healing toward greater well-being, joy and productivity for the Kingdom of God."

About the author:
Dr. Elizabeth Fulgaro is an award-winning author and her latest book, Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me (Holy Spirit Press, an imprint of Eagle's Nest Foundation) released in Feb. 2024. Dr. Fulgaro is a songwriter and recording artist as well as the CEO of the Eagles Nest Foundation (non-profit) which provides spiritual support to those in need. She is the creator of Soul Care resources with an emphasis on inner healing. Her ministry includes a special emphasis on military and veteran communities.

To request a review copy of Learning to Love (Not Loathe) Me, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Fulgaro, contact Wanda at 616.275.4411 or email

*Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials, "Constantly Down on Yourself? How to Stop Negative Self-Talk," September 25, 2022,

SOURCE WLS Communications

CONTACT: Wanda, 616-275-4411,