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The Strange and Startling Man from Nazareth
A new book about Jesus tries to shake us from our tame and tired assumptions

Catholic Answers
April 27, 2021
SAN DIEGO, April 27, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- The first book from a top-rated Catholic radio personality shines a fresh light on the essentially shocking character of Jesus' life, deeds, and legacy.

Cy Kellett is nationally known as the host of Catholic Answers Live, but he trades the microphone for a typewriter with his new book A Teacher of Strange Things: Who Jesus Was, What He Did, and Why People Still Follow Him. Why did he choose this subject for his first foray into publishing? "Because Jesus is the tonic for all the ailments in the Church and the world," he says. "If we get him right, we'll get everything else right."

Of course, Jesus is the most written-about man in human history. But Kellett—tapping his on-air experience talking to callers all around the country and the world—wanted to write something different, something suited to a time in which the Christian culture we all once shared has frayed to the threads, leaving so many people spiritually impoverished and ignorant of (or worse, hostile toward) who Christ was and what he did.

Dispelling that ignorance, he believes, starts with destroying lazy assumptions that Jesus was just a nice man who wanted us to be nice, too. "You don't have to make up wild things about Jesus to shock people," he says. "Just the basic facts about him are strange, startling, challenging, and in a few cases frightening—but never tame, never dull."

Our challenge in sharing the Lord with others, Kellett adds, is to "present the whole Jesus without cheating the mystery." Only the whole Jesus—strange parts included—can compel the human heart, save souls, and renew the world.

About the Author: Cy Kellett is the host of the popular national radio show Catholic Answers Live.

SOURCE Catholic Answers

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