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'The Worst Case of Facebook Censorship' Leads to New 'Conservative' Social Media
Contact: Steven Andrew, USA.Life, 877-585-7729
SAN JOSE, Calif., May 16, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ -- Facebook is accused of "the worst case of conservative censorship ever." "Facebook blocked over 70 million people from me, because I am a Christian and defend President Trump," said Steven Andrew, a conservative Silicon Valley technology expert. However, instead of doing nothing, he used his leadership skills to start the new "conservative" USA.Life social network and people are signing up fast.

"This is greater censorship than what others have experienced. Facebook doesn't put me in 'Facebook jail,' they pretend nothing is happening and cut millions and millions of people off," he said.

Andrew's Facebook account was very popular before Facebook restricted him, which Facebook's own data shows started after President Trump was elected in 2016. Andrew was reaching 5 to 8 million people per month.

Then "left-wing Facebook increased their censorship on conservatives to try to break up President Trump's support and my account was greatly restricted to reach only 97,000 people last month. This is over 98% blockage," he said.

Andrew has almost a half a million followers who want to keep up to date with him. They contact him and say, "what happened to you?"

"Since Facebook blocks Christians and those who support President Trump saying 'America First,' they block America," he said.

Viewing Facebook and Twitter as "anti-American," Andrew started USA.Life, which he hopes the majority of people will prefer. He invites people to "sign up today at www.USA.Life to get preferred user names and updates."

"By offering freedom, privacy and the most accurate news to users, USA.Life provides competitive advantages over Facebook and Twitter," he said. Andrew thinks Facebook spying on people and selling user's data is "immoral."

He says, "I believe in liberty like the founding fathers," but "Facebook acts close to Communist China by censoring freedom."

So "family and friends can stay connected," this new social network is available anywhere online.

Facebook also allowed scammers to impersonate Andrew and "scam money from the followers." Andrew objected, but Facebook did nothing.

Andrew started a crowdfunding page to fund the completion of USA.Life and a new search engine called 1776Free, which "gives results that are hid by others."

"What is needed is for supporters to chip in any amount in the crowdfunding. If the required funding comes in now, USA.Life and 1776Free will launch this summer," he said.

Pictures, videos and press releases are available for the media at www.USA.Life.