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Schuette Caught Lying to the Detroit News Today

Denies knowing anything about the $40 million dollar property he owns, signed documents in 2017

Contact: Jordan Gehrke,

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 10, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ -- "Bill Schuette was caught in a lie today: he claims to know nothing about the secret 40 million dollar luxury property empire he owns in the Virgin Islands, but he signed a quit-claim deed for that property in January 2017. The state's top law enforcement officer needs to come clean and explain why he lied," said Jordan Gehrke, a spokesman for the Calley Continues Comeback Committee.

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Fact 1: Bill Schuette claims he put his assets in a blind trust in 2011.

Fact 2: Jonathan Oosting of the Detroit News asked Schuette about Brian Calley's campaign producing documents today showing Schuette currently owns a network of luxury properties in the Virgin Islands valued at close to $40 million dollars. 

Schuette denied it three times, telling Oosting, "I have no idea what (Calley) is talking about."

Fact 3: Today documents were released proving Schuette signed deeds in 2012, 2014, and as recently as 2017 transferring property in the Virgin Islands between various Schuette related entities. The deed shows transfers of real estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands from Vircom LLC, to Ditleff Points, Group S, LLC,.

Fact 4: Ditleff Points, Group S, LLC's corporate address is listed as Bill Schuette's home address in Midland. There is also an affidavit that is part of the transaction signed and sworn by Bill Schuette attesting "William D. Schuette after being duly sworn, deposes and says: That he is an adult resident of Michigan, the Manager of Vircom, LLC... and has personal knowledge (emphasis added) of the matters set forth herein."

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