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American Life League Labels Fifth Circuit 'Limited Access' and 'Suspended FDA Approval' as No Victory

American Life League
Aug. 18, 2023

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Aug. 18, 2023 /Standard Newswire/ -- The United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling issued on August 16, 2023, limited access to mifepristone and suspended Food and Drug Administration approval of the chemical.

American Life League President Judie Brown pointed out that, despite first appearances, the ruling cannot be considered a victory for pro-life advocates. She also noted that the federal court decision effects little change.

"Sadly, killing preborn children by any means possible has become part of the American way of life, the American medical practice, and the amoral value system that defines our nation. When the media reports: 'A federal appeals court ruled to limit access to a widely used abortion pill, mifepristone, upholding portions of a lower court decision by a federal judge in Texas to suspend the drug's FDA approval. Mifepristone, the generic abortion pill, remains on the market for now,' ...those words signal more gobbledygook resulting in the regulated, but continued, availability of a deadly pill that is designed to kill preborn children."

"There is nothing in this decision that should rock your world if you are a pro-abort, but if you believe in the sanctity of innocent human life, you should be aware that the courts are committed to killing our future. After all, preborn babies are OUR future!"

About American Life League
The American Life League has been part of the pro-life abortion debate from its inception. Since 1979, the American Life League has committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death with a pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by a "culture of death." For more information visit

SOURCE American Life League

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