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During Pandemic, Safe Haven Should Be Used Instead of Abortion


The Justice Foundation

April 20, 2020


SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 20, 2020 /Standard Newswire/ -- Allan Parker, The Justice Foundation President, announces TJF is offering free legal information to any pregnant woman in America who feels that she cannot care for the "infant life" (U.S. Supreme Court-Gonzales v. Carhart, 2007) in her womb at this time and needs an abortion. TJF can assist her with understanding her state's Safe Haven laws by which she can, without cost, release her baby to the community. She can simply release the baby to a hospital, fire station, or other designated place within a specified time after birth. If she is low-income, the state can also provide prenatal care and delivery of the child at no cost to the woman.


Many women are feeling pressured by circumstances such as lost jobs, economic uncertainty, etc., into getting "emergency" abortions when they could be using the Safe Haven laws which are available in every state. See Cynthia Collins, Operation Outcry Global Advisor and Founder of the Louisiana Abortion Recovery Group says: "Fear leads to death; hope leads to life. We need to offer women hope for the future, not death."


The Justice Foundation can assist women to prevent being illegally forced to abort.


Unlike abortions, Safe Haven is free and equally available to the rich and poor. There is no cost, no obligation, no legal procedure and the woman is totally free to release her child to the state with no obligation for future child support. Unfortunately, because of its financial bias, the abortion industry is not telling women about the free services provided by her state's Safe Haven law and Medicaid for those who have lost their jobs and are pregnant.


The fact that the abortion industry is continuing its attempt to exploit the coronavirus crisis in order to stay open is absolutely deplorable. Their callous disregard of women's health and the infant lives in the womb and others could not be more obvious.


The helpline number to contact thousands of pregnancy resource centers across the nation for free is the Option Line: 1-800-712-4357 or text "HELPLINE" at 313131.


About The Justice Foundation


To learn more about The Justice Foundation and The Moral Outcry movement, please visit or To book interviews with Allan Parker, Cynthia Collins, or other pro-life leaders involved with this initiative, please email The Justice Foundation media team at


SOURCE The Justice Foundation


CONTACT: Allan E. Parker,


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