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Wrestling Coach Under Investigation for Identifying Girl as a Girl on Boys' Team
Contact: 4 WINDS, 608-469-7956
MADISON, Wisc., March 12, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ -- High school wrestling coach Kelly Tolliver is under investigation in Ohio after identifying a wrestler as a girl. Also, he required Aubry Pogue-Krabacher to use the girls' locker room.
Aubry Pogue-Krabacher's mother complained to the Wilmington School Board. She is upset that the coach announced that her daughter was a girl.
Pogue-Krabacher was allegedly told she could not use the boys' locker room to change since she is a girl. The student says she told Coach Tolliver that she was not a girl, but he insisted she use the girls' locker room.
The mother complained that one male athlete did not want to wrestle her daughter because she was a female.
"LGBT activists are forcing their agenda on our young people," states 4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey. "Every person with common sense knows that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. The coach did nothing wrong.
"This is an assault on our Christian values that are fading fast. Many believe if it does not affect them directly, they should keep quiet. That is selfish. We need to speak up for those who do not have authority figures standing up for them."
McConkey is the founder and president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS), a ministry that stands up for Christian athletes. In 2003, McConkey started fighting the International Olympic Committee for allowing transgenders in the Olympics. He was the only one who stood against this publicly.
From there, the transgender movement spread to state high schools, the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and the military. Steve has fought this LGBT agenda every step of the way.
Steve McConkey is the founder and president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS), a ministry that stands up for Christian athletes. Steve and Liz started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981. In 2014, 4 WINDS started standing up for Christian athletes in all sports. Steve graduated from Western Kentucky University (Master of Public Health). 4 WINDS produces