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'Gay' Gene and 'Cure' Controversey -- Stephen Bennett Available

Contact: Irene Bennett, Stephen Bennett Ministries, 203-926-6960


HUNTINGTON, Conn., Mar. 19 /Standard Newswire/ -- On Friday, Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a man I highly respect, made some very controversial statements in a brilliant article on his blog regarding homosexuality.


Dr. Mohler pointed to research showing that some sheep were homosexual – whether in captivity or in the wild – due to their animalistic behaviors.


Dr. Mohler also suggested that researchers are now using those sheep to find if there is a "gay" gene, and if so, a possible "cure."


He then referred to an article to take science fiction even further, suggesting that if a "gay" gene is found in the animals, Christians better be prepared if one is also discovered in human beings.


Naturally, millions of Bible believing Christians across the country were enraged, yet he even went several steps further.


He discussed the question (not verbatim), "If you knew your baby had the 'gay' gene and you could correct it by eradicating the gene in the womb by a patch or some treatment, would you?"


Homosexual activists cried, "Another holocaust!" fearing now their so-called "race" of people (in their eyes) could possibly be wiped out in the future.


Finally, after enraging almost everyone on both sides of the issue who read his article and the controversy which continued in yesterday's Washington Post, Dr. Mohler also said (not verbatim), "Even if homosexuality was found to have a genetic and biological basis, that still wouldn't change God's view that homosexuality is sin."


The Bible states the eternal destiny for drunkards, adulterers, homosexuals and many other individuals is an eternal place called Hell – yet Dr. Mohler said there is an "escape" for all, referring to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.


Stephen Bennett, a former gay man for 11 years, sexually involved with over 100 men, is now happily married to his wife Irene for almost 14 years and the father of their two little children.


Stephen said, "Dr. Mohler's blog post that caused so much controversy – while brilliant – is based on pure speculation, questionable research and science fiction."


Bennett heads several national organizations – Stephen Bennett Ministries, and to help individuals struggling with unwanted homosexuality – to overcome it – and move on to natural, healthy heterosexuality. His organizations also provide Biblical and practical support for family members, friends and loved ones of same-sex attracted persons.  Bennett's statement follows:


"The reason Mohler's blog post drew so much media attention was the premise that the reader could walk away with: if someone is born a certain way, who are we to 'play God' and change nature?


"The FACT is homosexuality – having NO scientific, biological basis whatsoever – IS ALREADY a changeable trait WITHOUT a patch or injection, one that I have personally received 14 years ago: Jesus Christ.


"No matter the future's findings or lack thereof, homosexuality is, was and always will be 'sin' in God's eyes – an immoral, sexually behavior based lifestyle that should and can be changed.


"I agree with Dr. Mohler – all human beings are created in the image of God and deserve respect. However, as long as people like me – former homosexual individuals – exist and testify to God's life changing grace (and there are no doubt numerous men and women all around the world who have abandoned the practice of homosexual behavior), homosexual persons can never escape the REAL truth about their immoral lifestyle.


"Having a different skin color or even being born with a cleft palate is NOT 'behavior based' nor described as 'sinful.' Also, we are not animals like sheep. Animals are exactly that: animals. Animals are not held to God's moral codes or laws - yet mankind IS. Unlike animals, we are precious human beings created in the image of God, ingrained with the moral knowledge of right and wrong written upon our hearts. It's called our conscience.


"I had two choices set before me: what the world said about homosexuality – and what God and His Word said. Based upon God's truth that homosexuality is immoral, sinful and unnatural and same-sex attracted persons CAN change, as well as the eternal destiny in a place called Hell for unrepentant, practicing homosexuals, I have no regrets about choosing God's way over the world's when I abandoned my homosexuality in 1992. There are numerous other people just like me worldwide who made the same choice -- and guess what: we have NO regrets."


In 2000, Stephen Bennett founded Stephen Bennett Ministries and most recently, The organizations help individuals with unwanted homosexuality from a Christian perspective, as well as provide support for parents, family members, friends and loved ones.

Bennett also takes a vocal stand against the promotion of homosexuality worldwide. He has been featured on almost every major network and cable news program, including The Today Show, World News Tonight, CNN's Anderson Cooper's 360, CNN Headline News and FOX News The O'Reilly Factor.

To arrange an interview with Stephen Bennett, please call SBM in Connecticut at (203) 926-6960. SBM's National Offices are in Connecticut, only an hour or so outside of NYC.