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Five Doctors Endorse Prop. 85 in New Web Ad

Contact: J.T. Finn, for, 310-378-5030; 310-465-9518 cell


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5 /Standard Newswire/ -- Pro-Life America and announces the released two new web ads for Proposition 85, the Parents' Right to Know and Child Protection initiative in California.


“Doctors for YES on 85” featuring five doctors is available at: and


“A Mother's Anguish - Diana Lopez, True Story” is available at: and


“Based on estimates from the California Legislative Analyst Office, the passage of  Prop. 85 will save 5,000 to 10,000 young mothers and their babies from abortion each year in California.  That would be like opening 100 pro-life pregnancy centers overnight. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is spending millions of dollars running deceptive TV and radio ads to mislead people, encouraging people to vote NO on 85. One of our tools to expose Planned Parenthood and get out the ‘YES on 85’ vote is to put these two new web ads in the hands of grassroots political activists throughout California.” -- John (J.T.) Finn, Director/Producer, Pro-Life America


“As a physician practicing psychiatry, I encourage you in the strongest terms to vote YES on Proposition 85.  This proposition is absolutely indispensable to insure and safeguard the mental health of our teenage girls.” -- Aaron Kheriaty, MD, Irvine, Calif.


“I urge all California voters, particularly California parents, to vote yes on Proposition 85, not only because it is the parents’ right to know, but most importantly for the protection of our children.” -- Fritz Baumgartner, MD, Long Beach, Calif.


“I’m an internist and a parent, and I’m asking you to vote YES on 85 with me so that we can be there when our kids have to make tough decisions. Parents should not be left out when kids need them most.” -- Theresa Escalante, MD, Orange County, Calif.


“I’m a physician and a father. It’s important for us as parents to be actively involved in all decision making regarding the health of our children. Please join me in voting YES on Proposition 85.” -- Robert Joseph, MD, Los Angeles


“I have three teenage daughters and I think it is very important that we all vote YES on Proposition 85.” -- Richard Wetzel, MD, Westminster, Calif.


To schedule an interview contact John (J.T.) Finn, Director/Producer, Pro-Life America, advisor to, 310-378-5030; 310-465-9518 cell



Background: Legally recorded phone calls of Planned Parenthood encouraging secret abortions and giving advice on how to cover-up statutory rape are available online at: and