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New Redemption Press Book Helps Readers Make Wise Decisions
Redemption Press
Nov. 5, 2019
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Nov. 5, 2019 /Standard Newswire/ -- Regular or decaf? Mac or PC? Say yes or no to a marriage proposal? Ask for a raise or keep the status quo? Some choices are more momentous than others, but they all affect you and those around you.

All day long we are bombarded with decisions that need to be made. Choices we make are important because they shape our lives. Good choices bring peace of mind; bad choices bring distress. Barbara Dahlgren's new book, The Choice Is Yours: 52 Choices for Happier Lives, explores a range of daily decisions readers face, from the theological to the practical. With the insight of fifty years of ministry, Dahlgren points the reader to biblical guidelines for making choices that bring peace of mind and growth in Christian character.

Drawn from her blog, Barbara's Banter: taking my faith but not myself too seriously, the book is suitable for use as a devotional or Bible study and encourages the reader to consider other ways of looking at an issue. "We all have preconceived ideas about spiritual concepts," Barbara says. "I think this book will help the reader be more tolerant of another's approach as long as it is in line with Scripture." And though all decisions impact our lives, Barbara is careful to note that bad choices do not diminish God's love for us, just as good choices do not make Him love us more.

Barbara believes that while the practice of making good decisions doesn't lead to perfection, it does lead to happier lives. Each chapter includes practical suggestions, a key Bible verse, and the option for readers to jot down their own tips for making better choices in daily life.

Barbara Dahlgren is a humorist, freelance writer, and speaker whose articles have appeared all over the world. Married to a pastor, she and her husband have served churches in Florida, West Virginia, Kentucky, Washington, Michigan, and California where they currently reside. She blogs at Barbara's Banter: taking my faith but not myself too seriously and is the author of Zorro and Me, a humorous look at the couple's adventures in ministry.

SOURCE Redemption Press

CONTACT: Barbara Dahlgren,

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