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Dr. James Linzey's Prophetic Dream of President Biden

The White House

Dr. James F. Linzey
May 15, 2024

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Dr. James F. Linzey:

    It was in the middle of the night on May 14, 2024, when I had a dream of Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President of the United States.

    I was in a room waiting several minutes for him to enter. He finally arrived, wearing a dark blue suit and carrying several documents for me to read. I noticed several people in the background who were part of his entourage. Some were several feet behind President Biden and one was standing in a doorway.

    I requested them to leave, since this was to be a private meeting, but they refused. I refused to proceed with the meeting unless they left and again requested them to leave. After first balking at my request, they finally complied.

    President Biden appeared to be very frail and was obviously quite elderly. I sensed he needed help and that was why he had requested my presence. I shook his hand and told him I wanted to be his friend. He began showing me significant documents and I began reading them. One of them was unbecoming to Jews, I saw, and the remainder dealt with other issues he needed to handle. He said these were troubling to him and were weighing him down. He did not know how to handle these issues.

    As we were speaking with one another, I noticed twice that there was a line of demarcation where a line of flesh-colored rubber came down to his neckline. He was wearing a mask that made him look like Joseph R. Biden, Jr., but I realized he was an imposter, though he could not admit it, nor could he escape the role he was forced to play by the Deep State. He was helpless. This was one of the issues he could not do anything about. I could see his life would be in danger if he refused to do as he was told by the Deep State.

    About this time, various men and women re-entered the room to keep an eye on us. Their conduct was becoming increasingly troubling. I again demanded they leave, or the meeting would not continue. They again balked before leaving.

    President Biden and I continued our visit for several minutes. Then two men I had never seen before entered. Against the President's wishes, they zipped him up in an aerated body bag while he was helplessly looking at me, and carried him out. No one who might have seen them would have known what they were carrying.

    I remained in the room, pondering what I had just witnessed. After a while, President Biden re-entered the room. There was a stark contrast between his first and second visits. Now he was energetic. He was vivacious and his speaking was quicker, as if someone had somehow "recharged" him with an injection, or in some other way invigorated him. But how?

    We had a meal together with some of his aides observing. We were no longer discussing sensitive issues, so I did not mind their presence. At the close of our meal, President Biden was escorted to his presidential limousine with his entourage, and they drove off.

    I was left alone again, still in the room. I became acutely aware that I could be killed by the CIA because of what I had witnessed, the documents I had read, what President Biden had told me, and by what they thought I knew. I had no security guards with me.

    I considered how or where I might exit the building to escape notice. I opened a side door and saw a forest. I shut that door for fear of being hunted like an animal. Then I thought about just exiting through the front door, come what may! After several moments of thinking it over, I woke up.

    The prophet Joel prophesied, "And it will be that, afterwards, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. Even on the menservants and maidservants in those days I will pour out My Spirit" (Joel 2:28-29, MEV).

    Perhaps the insight we Christians receive by the Spirit, whether through intuition, divine revelation, visions, or dreams is one of the reasons the Deep State is threatened by us.

James F. Linzey is a Southern Baptist minister, Bible translator, and retired Army chaplain with the rank of Major. He is an international speaker, evangelist, author, television and radio host, and motion picture actor with a role as a military chaplain in the major motion picture "Iniquity." He was the first clergyman in 2016 recorded to have publicly endorsed Donald J. Trump for President, and he served as a surrogate for Donald Trump in interviews.

SOURCE: Dr. James F. Linzey

CONTACT: Dr. James F. Linzey,