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God, Family, Country--Takes Center Stage! Conservative Talk Show Host Bill Keller Launches Nationally-Syndicated Biblical Worldview TV Program 'Live Prayer with Bill Keller'

Program Premiers November 6th on "i" Network, Monday - Friday


Contact: Krystal Collazo, WDC Media PR, 786-566-2452, 877-862-3600,,


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 3 /Standard Newswire/ -- Coming to “i” network (Formerly PAX TV) on November 6 is “Live Prayer With Bill Keller,” the nation’s only nationally-syndicated "live" conservative television talk show addressing controversial current issues from a biblical worldview.


“Live Prayer With Bill Keller” will air Monday through Friday from midnight to 1:00 am, providing a clear alternative to other late night talk shows by dealing with how issues such as divorce, homosexuality, abortion, relationships, addictions, abuse and more impact the day to day lives of real people. Keller, armed with his Bible, addresses these issues in a no-nonsense way by helping solve problems, giving hope, and bringing forth Biblical truth that viewers can see the value of strong families building a sound country by applying God’s Word to their real life scenarios.


"Live Prayer" is very unique in that the guests are those who call in to discuss current events, their challenges, and how to apply Biblical truth to issues and situations. It’s the only late night TV program that is live, unscripted, and unedited. No other talk show or host offers what Keller does - a fresh, totally spontaneous approach to problem solving. There is no preaching involved, just a lot of heart and soul, and a good deal of common sense from which his audience can draw in order to overcome their problems.


“Everybody talks about reality TV, but what about those who are facing real problems and need to have solutions real-time? They can find some answers with Live Prayer With Bill Keller,” Keller says. “This show will take on the issues from a Biblical worldview. I tell it like it is—abortion is murder; homosexuality is sin. But I do it in a way that the Biblical truth will impress our guests and viewers with hope in their lives, a love for our nation and a renewed sense of direction from God Almighty.”


Keller knows the program will change lives as well as promote the values of God, country and family. Already, “Live Prayer With Bill Keller” found tremendous success after being on for nearly 4 years. In 2003, Keller launched "Live Prayer With Bill Keller" on major network affiliates throughout Florida, and has consistently pulled in a quarter million viewers nightly in the Sunshine State alone. Now he expects to immediately draw a million-plus viewers per night for the national "Live Prayer" show, which will be airing against some of the most popular late-night fare.


Keller knows first hand how following God’s word can change a life. He was a successful businessman until insider trading landed him in federal prison for 30 months in the late 80s. While there, he recommitted his life to Jesus Christ, finished his religious studies, and determined to share the message that helped him right his life. It was during this life experience that he realized that many people are searching their hearts for answers, but may never cross through the door of a church. Keller developed “Live Prayer” to reach out interactively to those who are seeking to fill an emptiness in their heart.


In 1999 Keller launched, which has become the most successful online faith outreach in history. Since its inception has responded personally to more than 60 million online requests for prayer. And Keller’s "Live Prayer" devotional is received daily by more than two million e-mail subscribers.


For information on where to watch "Live Prayer" in your area, visit