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General Petraeus Praises 'Troops Need You' -- Supports Citizen Effort for Victory in Iraq

Unique Organization Earns Unprecedented Partnership with US Command in Iraq


Contact: Eric Egland (Major, Reserve), Troops Need You Founder, 530-205-5582,


ROSEVILLE, Calif., June 27 /Standard Newswire/ -- Thanks to donations from Americans coast-to-coast, Troops Need You shipped needed medical supplies specifically requested by troops to help Iraqis--and battalion leadership confirms the goods are helping them accomplish the mission.  The medical supplies have allowed local leaders to persuade some Iraqi doctors to return to practice, so Troops Need You is now working to raise $15,000 to ship advanced medical supplies to help even more.


Photo: Iraqi children greet troops, credit Eric Egland (Major, Reserve), Troops Need You


"America has answered the call of the 1-28 Black Lions infantry battalion in Baghdad," stated Troops Need You founder Eric Egland, a military officer who patrolled in Iraq with U.S. troops as a counter-terrorism advisor.  "Iraqi locals asked the 1-28 troops for supplies to open medical clinics, and the American people delivered over $5,000 worth within a few weeks."


General Petraeus, the top general in Iraq, praised Troops Need You and established an unprecedented partnership with the organization, to accelerate the ability of Americans to deliver to our troops what they need to win.  Troops Need You connects America with its troops, bypassing the bureaucracies in Washington and Baghdad, and proving that the people of the U.S.A. are ready to continue their historical tradition of directly supporting troops in combat. 


"Americans want to contribute to victory but do not know how," said Egland, author of THE TROOPS NEED YOU, AMERICA: Six Ways to Help Them Win.  "Now, Troops Need You provides a clear path to empower every American to support victory in Iraq."


"Until today, many Americans believed their support was limited to prayers, care packages and bumper stickers," explains Egland.  "Now, soldiers on the ground invite citizens to do more."


Troops Need You is a charitable organization that uses donated funds to purchase, ship and deliver to US combat troops the resources they need to win over Iraqi locals, and provides similar support to other combat battalions in Iraq.


Major Eric Egland (Reserve) is the founder of Troops Need You and is a counter-terrorism consultant who has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. His experience includes working to defeat terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College and graduated from the US Air Force Academy. He recently contributed to Blog of War (Simon & Schuster, September 2006).  Eric has discussed national security issues on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Fox News Radio, the Hugh Hewitt show, and HotAir with Michelle Malkin.