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Save Founding Father Thomas Nelson

Turn the Tide Committee Fighting to Save the Hero of the Historic Triangle: Stop Avoiding Hard History

Turn the Tide Committee
July 19, 2021

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., July 19, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Matt Waters, a graduate of Thomas Nelson Community College, and executive director of the Turn the Tide Committee said today:

    "Americans are a complicated people and nation and you will not teach our community to avoid the truth because you can't the contradictions in humanity, within ourselves.

    "Thomas Nelson happened, he lived, he died, and the humans he held in bondage lived and died. And we must live in the tension their lives embody because that is the reality. As a nation, we can build and keep a community and Community College dedicated to truth, solidarity and loving your neighbor as yourself. We as a community can choose to embrace the values of American human liberty that repudiates slaveholding and we can choose to do so with irony under the name of Thomas Nelson Community College.

    "You will never create a pristine landscape, you cannot make America a history wasteland where everything looks perfect with a sign that reads no bad things happened here.

    "Stop avoiding hard history. We can handle the hard truth of history.

    "Not one single country in the world, in the year 1776, banned slavery and gave women the right to vote. The Founding Fathers were digging out of centuries of tyranny and slavery. And they succeeded. Yet today we have those who, like King George, seek to subject us to tyranny, the tyranny of critical race theory. Our response then, as it is today: 'Thus Always to Tyrants!'"

Turn the Tide Committee is conducting a state-wide petition drive using text messages and email to maintain the name Thomas Nelson.

Thomas Nelson Jr. (December 26, 1738 - January 4, 1789) was an American soldier and statesman from Yorktown, Virginia. Nelson signed the Declaration of Independence as a member of the Virginia delegation, and fought in the militia during the siege of Yorktown. During the war of Independence, Thomas ordered the militia to fire the canons upon his house which was occupied by British General Lord Cornwallis. Cannonballs are still visible today from the outside of the home which still stands. In addition to serving in the Virginia General Assembly for many terms, he twice represented Virginia in the Continental Congress. Fellow Virginia legislators elected him to serve as Governor of Virginia in 1781.

Turn the Tide Committee is a 501 c 4 organization dedicated to defending the foundational principles of the United States. For more information please visit

SOURCE Turn the Tide Committee

CONTACT: Matt Waters,