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Black Culture to Blame for Fueling Seinfeld Co-Star's Racial Tirade, Says Rev. Peterson

Contact: Ermias Alemayehu, BOND, 323-782-1980, 213-804-1872


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 22 /Standard Newswire/ -- LOS ANGELES - After comedian and former "Seinfeld" co-star Michael Richards spewed racial epithets and called a black heckler a "ni--er" during a stand up comedy routine, the backlash of criticism has been overwhelming. Richards appeared on David Letterman's "Late Show" Monday night to apologize for his tirade. Richards' apology wasn't enough for the Rev. Al Sharpton and others blacks, who have refused to accept it. Conservative author and columnist Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson issued the following statement calling for an end to racial double standards—and challenging blacks to stop keeping the words "ni--er" and "ni-ga" alive. The following is Rev. Peterson's statement regarding this matter:


"What Michael Richards did was wrong and he's already paying a price for his angry outburst. Richards has since apologized for using the infamous 'n' word, and for the rage that fueled his tirade.


"If the word 'ni--er' is so offensive and shocking to blacks, then why do black people themselves continue to use this word? The word is kept alive by black comedians and rappers, and is a part of the everyday language and fabric of the pseudo 'black culture.'  Yet, whites are forbidden from uttering this word.


"A growing number of white Americans feel as though they are forced to wear a politically correct muzzle when it comes to discussing race issues. Whites are growing increasingly frustrated about being labeled 'racist' whenever they disagree with blacks.


"Black people cannot continue using this word, yet label others as 'racists' when they do the same in a fit of anger, as Michael Richards did. By not allowing whites to express themselves, it only drives the problem underground and forces people to keep these emotions bottled up--in essence, the politically correct culture is helping to create people like Michael Richards!"


Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is the founder and president of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, a national nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of "rebuilding the family by rebuilding man." Rev. Peterson is also the author of SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America. For more information, visit