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Deciding if 100,000 Children Will Die Each Year: Portugal's Abortion Referendum

Contact: Phil Magnan, Director, Biblical Family Advocates, 011-36-1-246-2587,

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Feb. 5 /Standard Newswire/ -- On February 11th 2007 Portuguese voters will be voting on a referendum to legalize abortion up to the 10th week of pregnancy. "Current Portuguese abortion law [text, in Portuguese] allows the procedure up until the 12th week of pregnancy, but only in cases of rape, fetal malformation, or risk to the mother's health."


What seems remarkable to Biblical Family Advocates, BFA, is the rationale behind the move to legalize abortion in that predominantly Catholic country of over 10 million. The same argument of pro abortion advocates for killing the unborn in the United States is that if abortion is not legal many women will die because of "back alley" abortions. According to some statistics, over 5000 women were admitted to hospitals in Portugal because of a botched illegal abortion.


But it is also known in America that even the numbers of death by illegal abortion in the United States were fabricated and unsubstantiated to create sympathy for abortion on demand.


Most of the illegal abortions in America were actually performed by those in the medical field, just like most illegal abortions in Portugal is actually performed.


"It seems to me that if you wanted to reduce the numbers of illegal abortions you would increase the prison time for those who perform them." So says Phil Magnan Director of Biblical Family Advocates. The current Portuguese laws only give those who perform illegal abortions at the request of the mother, up to 5 years in prison. Magnan continued "If the laws of Portugal wanted to truly protect women and curb illegal abortion they should make the penalties at least 20 years for the abortion atrocities against women and children. Why should Portugal abandon its predominantly pro life laws and be added to the list of countries that have killed billions of children?"

What is also remarkable is that sex education and contraception is widely used and available in Portugal. These methods have been the hallmarks of the pro hedonist, pro abortion movement for some time as the cure all for wide spread pregnancy rates, when it actually increases the rates of sexual activity and unwanted pregnancy. BFA believes that if pro abortion advocates are concerned about pregnancy rates they should advocate no sex before marriage and abstinence education. It can be clearly seen that young adults are given a green light for sexual activity with contraception and sexually charged sex education that lowers the levels in inhibition.

Magnan continued, "Portugal must decide whether they want to have the lives of potentially 100,000 mutilated babies laid at the altar of their sexual pleasure and their apparent disdain for the sanctity of marriage. Once the door is opened to this kind of bloodshed, many will see it as the ultimate method of birth control. And how many women will be wounded emotionally and physically because of that atrocity against the very place that should be a safe haven for a child? Why should they make the womb into a killing zone? Abortion will only increase the level of sexual activity and thus even more children will pay the price for the sins of a mother and father. I am hoping that the Portuguese people will understand that Portuguese children should be loved and cared for, not discarded on the bloody trash heap of choice."