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New Children's Storybook Aims to Help Parents Disciple Their Young Children
Storybook Discipleship
April 7, 2021

KENT, Ohio, April 7, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- A new author and founder of a children's storybook publishing startup is helping parents disciple their young children by using story and Scripture. Author, Floyd Gary Pierce of Storybook Discipleship recently released his first storybook, "Broken: The Problem of Sin" to give parents of 2- to 8-year-olds a simple nurturing way to share the Gospel with their kids at home.

The storybook features two lovable sisters who discover the reality of being broken by sin when they lie to their mother about breaking a beloved picture frame and blame their sleepy cat. Their mother lovingly points the girls to Romans 3:23 after they admit to lying. She helps them understand that everyone is broken by sin and in need of Jesus. The sisters hear about God's grace for them in Ephesians 2:8 and the Gospel is summed up for the sisters in Romans 6:23. By the end of the storybook they realize that because of Jesus, the sisters aren't broken anymore.

"I trust my storybook will help parents feel at ease when sharing the Gospel with their kids." Floyd Gary Pierce

"It was so much fun writing this storybook with input from my wife, Emily and our two daughters, Lily and Ruby. One of my goals in writing this storybook was to give my daughters the opportunity to participate in Kingdom work outside the church walls. They both actively serve as greeters at church. By including them in the process of writing and editing, I am showing them they can serve God in many ways. Ministry is part of life, not just something for Sundays." Floyd Gary Pierce

Storybook Discipleship exists to help parents disciple their children through story and Scripture. Discipleship starts at home and "Broken: The Problem of Sin" is the first in a series of storybooks that will help parents make the most of story time. "Broken: The Problem of Sin" is available in print and electronic formats at Storybook Discipleship.

The Pierce family lives in Brimfield Township, Ohio. Floyd Gary Pierce has spent over 20 years in church ministry, many of those years teaching teenagers and children. He is currently earning a master's degree from Knox Theological Seminary. He serves as Connections Director at The Chapel, Akron Campus in Northeast Ohio and coaches his daughter's U11 soccer team.

Floyd Gary Pierce is available for interview.

SOURCE Storybook Discipleship

CONTACT: Floyd Gary Pierce, 330-732-7021,