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Chaplain Jim Linzey's Dream of Russian Missile Attack Might Coincide with George Washington's Third Dream

Chaplain Jim Linzey, now Army retired, prays over his soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey, as they depart for Iraq on September 1, 2007

Military Bible Association
April 12, 2024

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2024 /Standard Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Chaplain (MAJ) James F. Linzey (Ret.):

    At 9:07 AM on April 1, 2024, my phone rang, and I woke up! I was awakened while in a panic out of a horrifying dream of a missile attack from Russia and living through the nightmare.

    I was standing outside on a plateau, miles from the mountains behind me. A sense of despair came upon me. With great urgency, I instinctively turned around to see if a missile was flying over the mountains. Seeing nothing but a blue sky, I turned around and began walking. Again, fear gripped my soul. Immediately, I turned around and looked into the sky above the mountains for a missile. But again, I was relieved to see an empty blue sky. Turning around, I continued on my way. I had taken just a few steps.

    With something gnawing at my spirit, I then turned back around a third time to see across the plateau. I saw that in an instance the Pentagon had raised numerous missiles out of silos which were now positioned to counterattack an incoming missile attack.

    Pentagon and government officials knew that we would momentarily be under attack. Then to my horror I saw the first missile from Russia coming over the mountains. Instantly, I fled for cover, not knowing whether the missile would strike where I was, or the fields of pre-positioned missiles, or elsewhere.

    Then suddenly, America was bombed into pre-historic conditions. I saw great roots of trees protruding from the land. In the cities, large rock formations lifted from the ground and caves that were underground were now exposed with pre-historic creatures in them, which were alive, and which I thought were extinct. I saw many that were killed by the explosion from the missile attack. The carnage of their corpses was everywhere. In a matter of days their stench in the cities would be unbearable.

    Military retirees and reservists were activated. They did not have to wait for orders. The attack was so utterly devastating that they just knew to activate. Further missile attacks were imminent. Many of our missiles were ready to counter attack, which would unleash Russia's entire nuclear arsenal automatically. I sensed imminent destruction of mankind on earth.

    Military personnel in the cities were crawling down into the crevices of the rocks that had protruded from the ground to shield themselves from the blows to come at any second. They were not concerned about getting scraped up among the rocks. They merely wanted to survive if possible.

    The anticipated final attack had not occurred. This gave the military time to further mobilize in the cities to bring order to society and prepare for war. Cars were being driven somewhat recklessly, averting debris in the streets.

    And then my phone rang, and I woke up!

    General George Washington had three dreams of war on American soil. The first was the Revolutionary War, the second was the Civil War, and the third was a dream of great clouds coming from other nations and covering America, representing a third war, so horrendous as never before experienced by any nation on earth. This might take the form of a missile attack. Let us be vigilant, ready to fight for America, and pray for God to help us.

SOURCE: Chaplain (MAJ) James F. Linzey (Ret.)

CONTACT: Jim Linzey, 760-855-3905,

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