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Best Selling Author Reviews New Book: A Guide to Universal Truths by Robert Thomas Fertig

New Book Challenges Mass Media to Avoid Polarization of America

Contact: Robert Thomans Fertig,, 727-510-6664

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 2 /Standard Newswire/ -- As reviewed by (three times) New York Times best selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh: "What is the ultimate truth about life? For centuries, learned minds have struggled to seek the answer. Now, in the groundbreaking and thought-provoking book 'A Guide to Universal Truths,' Robert Thomas Fertig explores powerful evidence that ... we were created by an infinitely superior and perfect being who gave us free will so that we might evolve.

"Lucid and thoughtful, Fertig’s book just might have touched on the ultimate answers to the purpose and meaning of life on earth. To back up his points, Fertig delves into the history of religion as well as confronting so-called scientific fact that Intelligent Design cannot be possible. By exploring Darwinism, Communism, Rationalism and other philosophical theories, Fertig allows readers to juxtapose one way of thought against another, and then gently guides them to what he feels is the one inarguable truth: the existence of God.

"In irrefutable prose, Fertig explores our purpose, and explains why he feels that our purpose is no less—and no greater—than to trust in Christ and follow the teachings He set forth for us all. But how, he ponders, does the Church help or hinder this mission? The critical challenges facing the Church, suggests Fertig, are to establish ways to become more proactive and to actively reach out to the communities of mankind. After all, he continues, the purpose of each and every one of us is to do everything we can to get closer to God.

"Fertig nudges readers to stop waiting for answers and remain inactive in their quest and to instead take part in creating a better society and culture, one which answers to God. Boldly stated and beautifully written, A Guide to Universal Truths is clearly a roadmap to our higher purpose."

Recorded 20 minute interview is available via

Note: All book royalties will go towards Fertig's Christian Trust, LLC for education of today's youth. Email Fertig: