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Schedule Interviews with Afghan Activists Familiar with Conditions in Refugee Camps

Contact: Sohila Farhad, +92-300-554-1258

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 26 /Standard Newswire/ -- RAWA workers are familiar with the crisis in desert refugee camps on the Afghan side of the border with Iran. They are available themselves for interviews and can help arrange other contacts for the working press and media via cell phone or Skype or other Internet voice technology systems.

RAWA has workers helping particularly with children separated from both parents. But we do have wide contact with refugees and other refugee organizations and are willing to help you in any way we can.

World press is aware that 100,000 Afghan refugees are facing the threat of starvation after being forced by security forces out of Iran. Google or other advanced news search engine using keywords, Afghanistan, Iran, refugees, will bring up the latest press and media posts.

RAWA Interview Contacts

Save these names, email addresses, and telephone numbers for use now or in the future.

Sohila Farhad, +92-300-554-1258, available 24 hours a day. best is from 4:00 GMT to 20:00GMT, Islamabad is 9 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time. Click here for world clock meeting planner.

Mariam Rawi, or other RAWA workers via Skype or any other Internet based media technology. Please contact Andeisha at least 6 hours in advance to arrange the interview. Email:, cell 92-300-554-1258

 Stephanie Dalpra, at CharityHelp International in Annapolis, MD, 443-283-0677

Stephanie can make the advance arrangements on your behalf. CharityHelp International raises sponsorships for orphan children in a number of war disrupted parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Africa.

Listen to an interview, Miriam Rawi with CBS Radio Tampa Bay Florida USA talk journalist John Sipos. That aired in mid June 2007. Link provided at the web link below.

Full Press Release and Web Contact:  

Please visit the webpage listed above for additional information. Press without immediate Internet access, contact information follows.