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Ministry Survey Shows Religious Freedom at Risk

D. James Kennedy Ministries
May 20, 2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 20, 2021 /Standard Newswire/ -- Christian social conservatives answering a recent D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJKM) survey reported pervasive ill-treatment for their Christian faith.

An astonishing 96% of those who answered DJKM's 2021 Spiritual & Constitutional State of the Nation Survey said they have "experienced verbal or physical abuse or bias" due to their "faith in Jesus Christ or . . . conservative Christian views." That is three times more than in 2020, when 31% said they have been mistreated for their Christian faith.

"There is a rising tide of secular hostility against followers of Jesus Christ and this informal survey is yet more evidence," said Dr. Frank Wright, President and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries. "The dramatic uptick since 2020 suggests accelerating bigotry and malice toward followers of Jesus Christ."

Other top-line results from DJKM's 26-question poll of our largely evangelical constituency include:

  • Overwhelming support for religious freedom with 98% saying Americans "should have a freedom of religion and be able to express that in their public life."
  • 97% said students should have "the right to pray in public school classrooms. . . ."
  • 98% oppose "open borders" as the "the ideal answer for the immigration issues facing the United States."
  • 96% agreed that "radical Islam continues to pose a significant threat to America."
  • 100% agreed that "it is the constitutional right of citizens to defend themselves by the use of firearms."
  • 100% want schools to teach "the truth about the history of socialism and its damaging impact on the world."
  • 97% oppose the use of their taxes to "help pay for abortion."
  • 99% oppose defunding the police.

In addition, when asked to identify the top three issues facing Congress and the Administration, a strong majority of respondents listed religious freedom (79%) and abortion (65%), with the economy (28%) in third place. When asked to name serious threats to the U.S., respondents chose China first followed by socialism and the United Nations.

DJKM's Spiritual & Constitutional State of the Nation Survey is an annual gauge of evangelical opinion on key social policy concerns. It is designed to give Christians the opportunity to clearly and effectively communicate their values to America's leaders.

DJKM is sharing the results, which are available at, with Congress, Cabinet officials, President Biden, and key media outlets.

SOURCE D. James Kennedy Ministries

CONTACT: John Aman,