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New Biblical Voter Booklet Provides Election Strategies for the Discerning Christian

The Salt & Light Council
Oct. 16, 2020

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 16, 2020 /Standard Newswire/ -- Introducing the "Biblical Voter Booklet—A Step-by-Step Guide to Biblical Voting: What you Need to Know to Save America."

With the 2020 election's most pressing question for Christians being "How do I vote biblically," this new guide places the answers—all from a biblical perspective—at inquirer's fingertips.

"At three-by-five inches, and small enough to fit into your pocket, quick-reference answers align votes with God's non-negotiable moral values," says Dran Reese, President of The Salt & Light Council. She remarks, "We are pleased to offer this most informative resource to the Christian community, and hope it is used far and wide."

Available for pre-order on, the Biblical Voter Booklet describes what Reese calls "the real battlefield for the soul of America." Addressing the true root of the cultural slide afflicting communities across the nation, Reese contends it is not the homeless issue; it is not the school issue; it is not godless entertainment, or fake news: "The crux of the matter is, and has been, government. This booklet calls God's troops to re-engage in government if we want to see America survive and again thrive."

Substantiating the need for a robust Christian response, the Biblical Voter Booklet addresses strategies, resources, and practical tools to be shared with every pastor, church, and citizen of America.

Taking a look inside:

  • Learn the 60+ Contrasts of the two major party platform from a historical, Constitutional and moral standpoint.
  • Move from being a low-information to high-information biblical voter.
  • Read why being political is biblical.
  • Discover God's five non-negotiable moral values.
  • Study where in the Bible it says to register to vote values.
  • And more...


SOURCE The Salt & Light Council

CONTACT: Dran Reese, President, 858-759-7095,

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