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Sand Announces Entry into North Dakota Senate Race
Promises to stand up to Senate GOP Leadership in Washington
Contact: Duane Sand, 701-333-9223;
MEDIA ADVISORY, August 8, 2011 /Standard Newswire/ -- Today Navy Commander Duane Sand made the following announcement:
"For several months I have weighed entering the United States Senate race. Last week's debt ceiling abomination sealed it for me when Mitch McConnell and Rick Berg misled us with the debt ceiling deal. They could have helped America avoid a downgrade of our AAA rating. Instead they mortgaged our future and let Obama and Reid off the hook with Trillions more debt spending.
Rick Berg was the only Republican running for Senate to vote for the debt deal. We sent Berg to Washington to cut the size of Government. Instead he's voted with Nancy Pelosi almost 40 percent of the time since arriving in Washington. For that he expects North Dakotans to promote him?
I know what it takes to earn a promotion: duty, loyalty, and an unswerving commitment to core principles. Congressmen Berg is a good man, but he simply has not earned a promotion to the Senate. That is why I am announcing my candidacy today for the Republican nomination to the United States Senate.
Conservatives will have a clear choice in this race between a big-spending candidate handpicked by the same Washington establishment that gave us this debt ceiling bill, and a candidate committed to Constitutional principles, smaller government, and rolling back Obama's radical agenda.
Finally, I make this promise: When I am in the Senate, if Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans ever again try to sell out the conservatives who sent them to Washington like they did last week, I'll be just as willing to stand up to them as I am to Harry Reid and Barack Obama. My only loyalty will be to my principles and my constituents."
The campaign's new video, "Duane Sand: A Conservative Who Will Stand up to the DC Establishment" can be seen at
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