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Timothy Plan Expands with $1 Billion Under Investment
Contact: Hamilton Strategies, 610-584-1096

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 17, 2017 /Standard Newswire/ -- Many Christians choose movies, music and even retailers based on how they impact their faith. Why, asks financial expert and nationally syndicated host Dan Celia, should investing be any different?

Celia leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries and focuses on biblical investing and important economic trends during his daily, three-hour program, "Financial Issues," which is sponsored in part by Timothy Plan.

For more than 20 years, Timothy Plan, which recently hit $1 billion of assets under management, has helped investors achieve their financial goals while investing in a biblically and morally responsible manner. Timothy Plan does not invest in those companies that support pornography, abortion, same-sex marriage or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of scripture, or are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to our communities at large.

"What this means to me is that there are 1 billion dollars that are not supporting the darkness of this world," Celia said of the Timothy Plan milestone. "This, of course, does not even take into account the billions of dollars from those who have other areas of investments that are biblically responsible as well. I recently read an article based on a survey that claimed that fewer people are concerned with following a faith-based agenda and feel no need to attend church. This excellent news from Timothy Plan illustrates 1 billion rebukes to that claim."

Celia, a foremost authority and one of the most trusted experts on biblically responsible investing, has seen a dramatic increase in the past several years in the growth of the market of investors who want to honor God with the money He has entrusted to them.

Timothy Plan Mutual Funds give testimony to this change and dramatic shift in conscience, as they have seen dramatic inflows from evangelical Christians who are dedicated to making sure the money they have been blessed with is not being used to further erode the moral fiber of America.

Timothy Plan offers a biblically responsible family of funds designed to suit the various needs of Christian investors. In 1994, Timothy Plan, founded by Arthur Ally, pioneered the first pro-life, pro-family screening standard and will not invest a single penny into any company that violates these screens. Timothy Plan's two-page "Know Your Investments" document represents a small portion of companies failing the screens.